Deepam Lamp Oil


Rs. 73.00

500ml & 1ltr Bottle. 

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The branded blend of 5 oils

Dheepam Lamp oil is the branded blend of 5 oils. In a tranquil blend of Refined Castor Oil, Sesame Oil, Coconut oil, Mohua (Illupai) Oil, Rice Bran Oil and Sugandha Dravyas, Dheepam Lamp Oil brings together a unique combination of oils that are said to have been used since time immemorial. The oils in this composition bestow immense benefits to everyone around. Dheepam is specially designed and Developed with pleasing Sugandha Dravyas and worshipping with Dheepam in your Pooja Room or in the temples can elevate your mood and render a feeling of serenity, peace and divine bliss.


  1. Refined Castor Oil      - For Harmonious relationship with Kith & Kin.
  2. Sesame Oil                - Removes all ills and wards off evil spirits & is also dosha Nivarani
  3. Coconut Oil                - For Concentration and peace of mind
  4. Mohua (Illupai) Oil      - Relieves one from all kind of debts.
  5. Rice Bran Oil              - Simplest offering to goddess Annalakshmi.


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