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Poigai Alwar Avathara Utsavam – Yathokthakari Perumal – Kanchipuram Day 5

  Poigai Azhwar once visited Mrugandu Maharishi’s Ashramam at Thirukoviloor. It was day time, but it darkened and started raining heavily. The wandering Poigai Alvar found out a small hide out, which has a space for one person to lie down. Boodathazhwar arrived there looking for a hiding place and Poigai accommodated him, with both sitting… Read More »

Adiperukku | Pathinettam perukku | Aadi 18

Adiperukku is a unique South Indian and specially a Tamil festival celebrated on the 18th day of the Tamil month of Aadi (03.08.15). The festival coincides with the annual freshes of the rivers and to pay tribute to water’s life-sustaining properties. It is celebrated near river basins, water tanks, lakes and wells etc. of Tamil Nadu when the water level in… Read More »