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By | April 21, 2016

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ஸ்ரீ கர்ணகி அம்பாள் சமேத சித்ரகுப்த சுவாமி

எமனின் தந்தையான சூரியனுக்கும் நீளா தேவிக்கும் மகனாக இடக்கையில் ஏடும் வலக்கையில் எழுத்தாணியும் கொன்டு சித்ரா பௌர்ணமி நாளில் பிறந்தவர்தான் சித்ரகுப்தன். இவர் எமனின் உதவியாளன் ஆக வேண்டியே தோற்றுவிக்கப்பட்டவர் ஆவார். பிரபாவதி, நீலாவதி மற்றும் கர்ணகி இவரது துனைவியராவர்.

1907 ஆம் ஆண்டு கோவில் திருப்பணிக்காக தோண்டியபோது கிடைத்த அம்பாள் சமேத சித்ரகுப்த சுவாமியின் சிலையே இன்றும் கருவறையில் இருந்து அருள்கின்றார்.  கேது கிரகத்தின் அதிதேவதையான இவர் ஞானத்திற்கும் மோட்சத்திற்கும் காரகனாகின்றார்.

இவ்விறைவனை வணங்க இப்புவியில் உள்ள ஒரே ஆலயம் காஞ்சிபுரத்தில் அமைந்துள்ளது. கேது பரிகாரத்தலமான இவ்வாலயத்தில் நவக்கிரகங்களும் உடன் இருந்து அருள்கின்றார்கள்.

All Hindu Spiritual Items under One Roof

Shri Karnaki Ambal Samedha Chitra Gupta Swamy

Chitraguptan is born on Chitra Pournami day (Full moon day in the month of Chitrai / Mesha) as son of Eman’s Father, Sun and Neela Devi with Edu & Ezhuththani (olden form of Paper & Pen) in both his hand.  He was made to born to assist Eman. Prabhavathi, Neelavathi & Karnaki are his wives.

When the land was dug for Construction work in 1907, a statue of Chitragupta with Ambal was found and it is still in the Karuvarai of this temple.  He is Adhidevathai to Kedhu and he is the provider of  Gnanam & Moksham (Knowledge & Eternity)

To worship this Lord in Earth, the only temple is available at Kanchipuram.  Though the temple is Kedhu parikara Stalam, Navagraha’s also bless us with him in this temple.


All Hindu Spiritual Items under One Roof


The full moon in Chitra: A full moon is considered auspicious in many religions because of its effects on the attitude of people. Full moon is said to promote creativity and positive sentiments. Sentiments are said to ride on higher waves of consciousness leading to abundance of positive energy and higher consciousness.

An exalted Sun in Aries: The solar calendar begins with an exalted Sun in Aries, a favorable position in the sky that can provide the most benefic results to Earth. So it is a mighty Sun, fully empowered to bring about its good effects.

The Day of Chitragupta: In Hinduism, Chitragupta is the assistant of lord Yama. He is the record keeper of good and bad deeds or karmas of human beings on earth. It is believed that when a person dies, Chitragupta immediately makes a thorough check of the list of bad and good karmas of the person and passes the message to Lord Yama for final decision on the soul of the person.

The name Chitra gupta also signifies the hidden (gupta) pictures (Chitra) of deeds of every human on earth. On this day, when the Sun and Moon create powerful energy around earth plane, the effect on humans are said to be profound. The concept of Chitragupta being vigil on the activities of humans on Earth is to tell humans on Earth not to commit any sin, especially on such an auspicious day. This will help in preserving goodness of mind and good will in the hearts of people by urging them to commit to good actions only.

Legend of Chitragupta: Once lord Indra and his teacher Brihaspati had an argument and Indra ignored his teacher’s advice. Thereafter, Brihaspati became reticent and refrained from advising Indra. Indra began to commit many mistakes. After his long absence, Brihaspati returned and asked Indra to make a pilgrimage to Earth to lessen the burden of his sins. After coming to Earth, he realized that he had been redeemed of his sins and thought Lord Shiva to have absolved him of bad karmas. Indra found a Shiva linga and began to pray with a golden lotus on the day of Chitra Pournami.

Worshipping Chitragupta: Special puja is arranged in temples on this day such as the Chitragupta temple in Kanchipuram, Airavateshwarar temple in Darasuram, Chandra Mouliswar temple in Thiruvakkarai and others.

The Hindu scriptures prescribe elaborate worship of the Chitra Guptas on this day. The Deity is invoked in an image or a kalasa (vessel filled with water) and then worshipped with all the rituals and formalities of the worship offered to God’s image. Meditate on Chitra Gupta, reciting the following verse:

Chitra guptam mahaa praajnam lekhaneepatra dhaarinam;
Chitra-ratnaambara-dhaararn madhyastham sarvadehinaam.


All Hindu Spiritual Items under One Roof

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