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According to Slokas 102-104 of Thripura Sundari Manasa Pooja Sthothram

of the Sankarar, The extra addition of ahil sticks adds to the fragrance of the incense. It is found that many ingredients have been added to incense. The custom of using incense for worship has been in practice for more than 2500 years and this has been established by the slokas of Shankarar.

ln general for every pooja, using incense like dhasangam has been mentioned as necessary to invoke the attitude of prayer with the help of fragrance.  In many pooja sthothran (for example Ganesha sthothram, Subramanya Sthothrarn, Shivamanasapooja shtothram) Dhasangam has been mentioned.  Offering incense is one of the important ways of praying to the lord-Even in the least 5 offerings, it has place.


Kukiil, Kungililyarn, white Kungiliyam, Koraikizhangrr, dhevadharu wood,

Sambrani, Kar ahil sticks, sandalwood Vilamichai root, mattipal-all these

are included. ln addition lac, camphor, silasatthu, camphor, honey, cows ghee and jaggery are also sometimes added.

The 286 Sloka from the Devi Shadhusheshashti Devi Upasara Sthotram by

Shankara Bagavathapadha exemplifies the method to offer incense to Devi. oh mother I am offering lac, silaras, mattipal, vilamichai root, Sandal, ahil,Kukil and Pachai Karpuram mixed with honey, and cow’s ghee with all

reverence. Please accept it with love.

Sambrani, Karagil, Sandal, white Kungiliyam, Kukil, Goraikishangu,

Vilamichai-root, Jaggary Dhevadharu and mattipal. All these ten are known

as dasgngarn. All ingredients except mattipal are pounded into big lumps’

Mattipal is melted, along with which cow’s ghee and honey are mixed. This

incense is known as dhasansam.

Kukil, white Kungiliyam, sambrani, Kungiliyam are all gums frorn different

trees of the same family. when they are lit, the smoke emanated is fragrant.

In Srividhya Manasa pooja Sthothram are mentioned

It contains l. Sandal, 2. Ahil, 3. Kukkil, 4. Cow,s Ghee, 5. Sarala

dhevadharu, 6.Lac,1. Naganam, g. Honey, 9. Jatamansi, 10. Dhevadharu,

I l. Kadukkai, 12. Jaggery,l3. Sugar, 14. patchaikarpuram, 15. Kungiliyam.

Hardasmrithi refers to Dasangam as the powder of Kukkil, sambrani, ahil,

dhevadharu, vilamitchai, vilvakkai, vettiver, sandal, gorai Kizangu mixed

with cow’s ghee..

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