Maargazhi sirappu pasurangal – Thiruppavai – Pasuram 15

By | January 2, 2016
Om Namo Narayanaya

Om Namo Narayanaya

Elle ilam kiliye innum urangudhiyo

chil endru azhaiyen min nangaiyeer podharugindren

vallai un katturaigal pandai un vaay aridhum

valleergal neengale naane thaan aayiduga

ollai nee podhaay unakkenna verudaiyai

ellaarum pondhaaro pondhaar pondhu ennikkol

val aanai kondraanai maatraarai maatrazhikka

vallaanai maayanai paadelor embaavaay



Aandal and Girls : oh girl whose beauty and speech resembles that of a parrot, why is that you are still not awake?

Sleeping Girl : Why is that you are pestering me, I am coming very shortly.

Aandal and Girls : Oh we are very well aware of your trickery and your utterences of harsh words from time immemorial.

Sleeping girl : Oh girls who are arguing with me, let me be the one who speaks harshly. What is that i can do for you now?

Aandal and girls : Please come and join us and that is all we are expecting you to do

Sleeping girl : Has everyone who is suppose to join us have arrived?

Aandal and girls : Oh yes please come and count all the girls standing should you have further doubts.

Sleeping Girl : What is that I will do if I come out and join your group.

Aandal and girls : Come and Join us to sing the praises of Krishna who destroyed the powerful elephant Kuvaliyapeedam, who renders His enemies powerless and who works wonders in this world.


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