Maargazhi sirappu pasurangal – Thiruppavai – Pasuram 20

By | January 14, 2016
Om Namo Narayanaya

Om Namo Narayanaya


Muppathu moovar amararkku mum chendru

Kappam thavirkkum kaliye ! thuyilezhaai

Cheppamudaiyay thiraludaiyay !chettrarkku

Veppam kodukkum vimala ! thuyilezhay

Cheppenna menmulai chevvay sirumarungul

Nappinnai nangai thiruve thuyilezhaay

Ukkamum thattoliyum thandhun manalanai

Ippodhe emmai neerattelor empavai



The  girls begin the praise of Lord Sri Krishna as a King to whom other Kings also subservient, as one who gives the shivers to His enemies, Lord Wake up ! They then turn their attention to Nappinnai and address her as the very beautiful well endowed one,   please wake up, please give oil, mirror and other things essential for a bath to your husband and send him out, so that we all may be bathed in His glory.

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