Maargazhi sirappu pasurangal – Thiruppavai – Pasuram 22

By | January 14, 2016
Om Namo Narayanaya

Om Namo Narayanaya

Anganmagyalath arasar abhimana

Bangamay vandhu nin palllikattir keezhe

Sangamirippar pol vandhu thalaippeydhom

Kinnkini vaych cheydha thamaraip poo pole

Chengann chiri chiridhe em mel vizhiyavo

Thingalum adithiyanum ezhundhar pol

Angann irandunkondu engal mel nokkudiyel

Engal mel saapam izhindhelor empavai.



As the first step to waking up the girls beseech the Lord to gently open His eyes.  Oh Lord, the Kings of many lands shed their arrogance, and gather at your threshold to pay their respects to you, likewise we too have gathered before you, to wake you up gently, like the beautiful red lotus flower blossoming, will you so ever gently open your eyes and look at us? When you open both your bright eyes, it looks as if the Sun and the Moon are shining at the same time, but if you look at us with both your eyes, we will be absolved of all our sins and sorrow and be filled abundantly with your grace.

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