Maargazhi sirappu pasurangal – Thiruppavai – Pasuram 23

By | January 14, 2016
Om Namo Narayanaya

Om Namo Narayanaya

Maari Malai muzhanjil mannik kidanthurangum

Seeriya singam arivuttru thee vizhitthu

Veary mayir ponga eppaadum porndhuthari

Moori nimirndhu muzhangip purappattu

Podharuma pole nee poovai poovannna ! Un

Kovil nindrangane pondharulli koppudaiya

Seeriya singasanaththirundhu yam vandha

Kaariyam aarayndharulelor empavai



The Lord of the world is likened to the Lord of the Jungle, like a magnificent Lion who earlier sleeping with his mate inside a cave in the mountains, wakes up from sleep and stirs to action as if spitting fire and shaking his fiery mane vigorously, scattering the scent symbolizing his presence all over the place, stretching his body and  coming out of the cave with a fierce loud roar. Oh Lord whose skin is the colour of a dark flower, we request and desire that you please go from your temple to the majestic throne in the shaded courtyard and enquire from us our wishes and fulfill them.


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