Maargazhi sirappu pasurangal – Thiruppavai – Pasuram 5

By | December 21, 2015
Om Namo Narayanaya

Om Namo Narayanaya


Maayanai mannu vada madhurai maindhanaith

thooya peru neer yamunaith thuraivanai

aayar kulaththinil thondrum ani vilakkaith

thaayaik kudal vilakkam seydha dhaamodharanaith

thooyomaay vandhu naam thoomalar thoovith thozhudhu

vaayinaal paadi manaththinaal sindhikkap

poya pizhaiyum pugudharuvaan nindranavum

theeyinil thoosaagum cheppelor embaavaay



All of our sins vanish like a blade of grass thrown into fire, when we sing in praise of Krishnan and worship Him. Him–the mysterious Lord; the young courageous Lord born at north Mathura, the One who sports in the pure waters of the great river, Yamuna; the emerald-like shining Lamp that has risen from the race of cowherds; and the Lord Daamodhara (the One bound by the rope around the waist) who has brought high esteem to His mother Yasodha (literally, who illumined the mother’s womb)–Him let us approach with sincerity (purity– physical and mental); let us worship Him with fresh and fragrant flowers; let us pay our obeisance to Him; let us sing in praise of Him, by words of mouth; let us think of Him in our mind; if we do so (approaching, worshipping, obeying, singing and thinking of Him alone), our sins of past, present and future will vanish like straw put into fire. Therefore let us sing His glory.

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