Maargazhi sirappu pasurangal – Thiruppavai – Pasuram 7

By | December 23, 2015
Om Namo Narayanaya

Om Namo Narayanaya


Keesu keesu endru engum aanaich chaaththaan kalandhu

pesina pechcharavam kettilaiyo peyp penne

kaasum pirappum kalakalappak kai perththu

vaasa narum kuzhal aaychchiyar maththinaal

osai paduththa thayiraravam kettilaiyo

naayagap pen pillaay naaraayanan moorththi

kesavanaip paadavum nee ketta kidaththiyo

dhesamudaiyaay thiravelor embaavaay



Oh pey pennE (deluded girl) don’t you hear the noise raised by the Aanai Saatthan birds

(Bharadhvaja Birds in Sanskrit and Valiyans in Tamizh) Doesn’t your sleep get affected by

the Keesu-Keesu sabdham (avyaktha madhura sallabham) of these busy birds outside your

sleeping chambers? The dawn is advancing. There are signs of the world awakening all around

you. Don’t you hear the sound made by the busy churning of the curd by the other gopis with

symmetric movement of their churning rods? The body movement (exertions) of these

beautiful gopis sends out fragrances from their flower-adorned locks of well combed hair. Their

engagement in the churning act makes their bangles and other aabharanams around their

neck (acchu thali, Aamai thali et al.) collide against each other and result in a rhythmic

musical sound (mangala naadham). Don’t you hear that auspicious jingling sound? Aren’t you

awakened yet by the sloshing of the curd as a result of the strong movement of the churning

rod in your neighbor’s houses during this still hour of the morning? Oh crown gem among

gopis! How can you be so indifferent and sleep away even after hearing us singing the namams

of our Lord Kesavan, who destroyed the demon Kesi appearing in disguise as a horse? Please

awaken and get up! Oh Luminous one! Come and open the door so that we could sing together

about the mahimai of our Lord with you.


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