Poigai Alwar Avathara Utsavam – Yathokthakari Perumal – Kanchipuram Day 3

By | October 15, 2015



Poigai Azhwar, an incarnation of Mahavishnu’s Paanchajanyam, (Divine Conch / Sangu (in Tamil).

He is called Adhi Kavi as he wrote the first hundred pasurams of Naalayira Dhivya Prabhandam (4000 Sacred Songs on Lord Vishnu by the twelve Azhwars)

His 100 pasurams were in Andhadhi style means the last word of the previous song will be the first word of the new song.  The first song is as below:

Vaiyam Thagaliya Varkadale neyyaga

Veyyakadiron vilakkaka cheyya …

Sudar Azhiyan adikkey sootinen Shon malai

Idaraazhi neengugavendru

Meaning of the song :

Keeping the Universe as the (Agal) Lamp, Sea as the Ghee for lighting the lamp and to make the Sun as the light on the lamp, make this garland of words to the feets of the Lord who holds Chakra in his hands for removing the ocean of diificulties.



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