Varadharaja Perumal Temple – Kanchipuram

By | December 9, 2015


Temple Gopuram - Varadharaja Temple



In Vaishnavism, Malai means Thirumalai, Koil means PeriyaKoil (SriRangam) and  Perunalkoil means KanchiVaradharajaperumal temple, also called Hastagiri or Attiyuran located in city of kanchipuram known as Vishnu kanchi that is the home temple for many Vishnu temples


In the history the temple was built by the Nandivarman king of Pallava but the temple was originally built by the Cholas in 1053. It was expanded during the reigns of Chola kings KulottungaChola 1 and VikramaChola. The wall and gopura was built by the later Chola kings in the 14th century.

Chola Dynasty (1018 – 1246), Chera Dynasty (1291-1342), VeeraPallalanKalingarayanPandiyan, The king of Hoichala has also worshiped this lord and got wishes fulfilled.  Robert Clive, Carnallayonal Blasé, Delhi AalamkheerBasha are a few other religion people worshipped him.

Lord Varadaraja is in standing posture and facing towords the west with fantastic look. The posture is huge in size with four hands holding the insigns of Sankha, Chakra etc..and decorated with costly jewels.

After tirumalatirupati(srivenkateswara temple, Andhra pradesh) it is the second biggest temple in india with two Raja Gopuras in East & West contains 5 Prakaras consisting of MadaveethiPrakaaram, AzhwarPrakaram, AalavandarPrakaram, senaimudhanmaiyar Prakaram&VaiyaMaaligaiPrakaram in a area for 22 Acres and 28 Cents.

ThirumangaiAzhwar, Bhoodhathazhwar, Peyazhwar and Nammazhwar has sung songs on this Lord.

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