Satin Sponge Thombai


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            Thombai is used as an ornamental item in Chariot, temple, all stage & Home Decoration. It is made of Quality cotton or satin cloth. Designs like flowers, Elephant, Swan and other temple related items are seen on the Thombai hanging.

Satin Sponge Thombai is appliqué work on cloth. In smaller length instead of normal thombai Satin Sponge Thombai. In Satin Sponge Thombai the inner part is stuffed with sponge so that it maintains the cylindrical shape.

Satin Sponge Thombai is available in 6”, 9”, 10”, 12” and 18”.Satin Sponge Thombai is made in combination of four colours with flower design. But Satin Sponge Thombai can be made in various colours and designs too. Designs and time has to be given for special orders.

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