Yellow Dhoti (Veshti)



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4 Muzham Veshti(Dhoti).

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Yellow Cotton Dhoti (Veshti) Online size --- 1.8 Meter.

Yellow Cotton Dhoti (Veshti) Online is the bottom wear garment of males of south India. Yellow Cotton Dhoti (Veshti) Online is special for lord Perumal. Mostly in all temples lord Perumal is decorated with Yellow CottonDhoti (Veshti) Online.Also the priests of lord Perumal temple also wear Yellow Dhoti (Veshti) Online.

                The followers of lord Perumal also wear Yellow Dhoti (Veshti) Online. Yellow Cotton Dhoti (Veshti) Online is mainly of cotton material of 4 muzam (approximately 1.85 meters). Yellow Cotton Dhoti (Veshti) Online for the god, priests and followers are all same only.

Yellow Cotton Dhoti (Veshti) Online is available on online through

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