Mrityunjaya Homam Package



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Total Products - 40

Aproximate Weight - Upto 10kg

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Benefits To avoid unnatural death/to getaway from fear of death
For Lord Shiva
Time Any Time

English Quantity
Turmeric Powder 50g
Vermillion 50g
Sandal Powder 50g
camphor 50g
frankincense Powder 50g
Sacred Ash 50g
incense sticks 1
Honey 100g
Dry leaf's Dry flowers, Dry seads, Dry grasses and nuts 1
Pot Thread 1
Cookery Candy 100g
Ghee 200ml
Homa Sticks 2
Tirtha parimala 25g
betel-nut 50g
Cauldron 1
Puffed Rice 100g
Almond 25g
Kajjurkay 100g
cashew 50g
Kismis Fruit 50g
Citronella 25g
Mandara Leaf 15 nos
Thonnai Cup 1 nos
Mixed 9 Grains 500g
darbha 1
Poornahathi pattu 1
Ganesh Cloth 1
Rose Water 500 ml
Paddy Pori 100g
Sesame Oil 100g
Turmeric Potato 50g
Turmeric 50g
Match Box 1 Box
Cow Urine 200ml
Rice Flour 250g
Roasted Gram 100g
Molded Jaggery 100g
Seenthal kodi 50g
venkaduku 50g

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Mrityunjaya Homam is a timeless Vedic ritual that is devoted to Lord Shiva,

the chief deity of the homam, to achieve victory over your death, immunize

your health ailments, avoid untimely demises and improve your spiritual


Mrityunjaya is another name of Lord Shiva who helps to conquer over

untimely death in life. It is believed that people who worship and offers

prayers to him can prevent premature deaths in an effective manner.

Conducting Mrityunjaya homam will lead to several benefits for a person. This

homam plays a key role in invoking powers from three different aspects of

Shiva to lead a trouble free life.

Importance of  Maha Mrityunjaya Yagya

 - Anyone who wants to get protection from evil forces and enemies can choose

this homam for experiencing peace of mind.

 - Another advantage is that it provides methods for controlling malefic effects

of planets in a horoscope to a wider extent.

 - Furthermore, people can be able to eradicate negative forces with this

homam to prevent premature deaths. 

 - Maha Mrityunjaya Yagya helps a person to liberate a person from life cycle

to attain salvation.

 - It gives ways for increasing the quality of life by minimizing health


Advantages of Maha Mrityunjaya Yagya

In modern world today, many persons are easily attacked by health problems

that ultimately decrease the life span. Maha Mrityunjaya Yagya is an ideal one

for getting recovery from major health issues to live a better life. In addition,

one can be able to ensure the well being of a family member with this homam

after admitting in the hospitals. In fact, it serves an effective tool for

improving the living standards.

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Mrityunjaya Homam Package

Mrityunjaya Homam Package

Total Products - 40

Aproximate Weight - Upto 10kg

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