Valampuri Standing Ganesh - Panchaloha


Rs. 4,504.00

Material - Copper, Tin, Zinc, Silver & Gold.

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In south india anything starts with Ganesh pooja. There may not be a  Hindu temple or pooja room without the lord Ganesh Statue (vigraham).

While the permanent deity is in granite, the urchavar is in panchaloha. While the temple moolavar is ganesh sitting the urchavar is panchaloha standing ganesh. Logic of panchaloha standing ganesh is to have the height and reduce the weight. Panchaloha standing ganesh idol weight & price comparing the sitting posture is less. Panchaloha standing ganesh can be made as valampuri (drunk on right side). . Panchaloha standing ganesh can be made as Edampuri (drunk on left side).

The urchavar panchaloha standing ganesh idols are carried inside and outside the temple at appropriate time and festivals. Logic of this procession with panchaloha standing ganesh is that the god visits the place to bless and also people who could not come to temple also get an opportunity to pray. For all the functions the panchaloha standing ganesh is placed in the hall and prayed either on vahanam or on peedam.

As the name denotes panchaloham standing ganesh vigraham are made up of 5 metals. These panchaloha standing ganesh idols are made in Raja panchaloha factory in kumbakonam, which is the orgin. can supply online panchaloha standing ganesh all over the world. Panchaloha standing ganesh needs non antic clearance certification to export.

Panchaloha standing ganesh specification is in feet. The price is directly proportional to the height.Panchaloha standing ganesh making time varies from 15 days to 30 days based on the size.

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