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Ganapathi Homam Package which contains compositely all the items required to do the Ganapathi Puja. Ganapathi homam is performed to get happiness, prosperity and good health

Ganapathi homam is performed to get happiness, prosperity and good health. Anyone is desirous of praying to God to remove any obstacles in any of his plan/ work/Business /action and also to be victorious in his deeds can pray to Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganapathi is treated as the god who removes all the obstacles in any work.  Hence, It is the belief that before starting any new work, if we do Ganapathi Homam, the work will become successful without any problem or obstacles.  It is the easiest and the simplest homam done for the benefit of individuals at any time.  There is no restrictions that Ganapathi Homam has to be done only for this reason or at this time.

To do Ganapathi Homam,  a list of items are required.  For the convenience of people to do Ganapathi Homam, has introduced the Ganapathi Homam Package which contains compositely all the items required to do the Ganapathi Puja.

The Ganapathi Homam Package contains the following items:


S.No Name Quantity   S.No Name Quantity
1 turmeric Powder 50g   20 cashew 50g
2 KumKUm 50g   21 Dry Grapes 50g
3 Sandal Powder 50g   22 Citronella 25g
4 camphor 50g   23 Mandara Leaf 15 nos
5 frankincense Powder 50g   24 Thonnai Cup 1 nos
6 Sacred Ash 50g   25 tharpai 1
7 incense sticks 1   26 Poornahathipattu 1
8 Honey 100g   27 Ganesh Cloth 1
9 Dry leaf's Dry flowers, Dry seads, Dry grasses and nuts 1   28 Rose Water 500 ml
10 Pot Thread 1   29 Paddy Pori 100g
11 Cookery Candy 100g   30 gingely Oil 100g
12 Ghee 200ml   31 Turmeric piece 50g
13 Homa Sticks 2   32 Turmeric 50g
14 Tirthaparimala 25g   33 Match Box 1 Box
15 betel-nut 50g   34 Cow Urine 200ml
16 Kopparai 1   35 Rice Flour 250g
17 Puffed Rice 100g   36 Roasted Gram 100g
18 Almond 25g   37 Molded Jaggery 100g
19 Kajjurkay 100g        


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