Homa Kundam - Haven Kunda


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5 inch 19 inch

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Haven Kunda or Homa kunda is used for doing homas and rituals at Temple or home or office . It is made of Copper.

Homam is a fire ritual of sacrifice. It is also known as homa or havan or yajna (yagya) or yajana. In homam, divine presence is invoked into fire using specific procedures. Then materials are sacrificed into fire, along with sacred chants (mantras). The sacrifices are supposed to reach gods. It is interesting to note that fire ritual is an ancient practice and several religions taught worshipping gods in fire

Homam is a very powerful tool for spiritual progress. Chanting mantras in front of fire while offering material substances into fire has a great cleansing and calming influence on one’s mind and gives great level of mental focus, peace, calmness and bliss. This practice has been extolled in many scriptures such as Yajurveda and Bhagavad Gita. Vedic seers practiced it regularly. Several people are experiencing the benefits of homam even today.

For doing a Homam, the basic need is a Homa Kundam. Homa Kundam is a copper or Brass container with preferably a square shaped base.

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