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Welcome to a world where service to the Divine takes the highest forms of perfection is the online divine superstore of the reputed Raja Spiritual Super Market Pvt Ltd, a leading manufacturer of Hindu idols and pooja items including Panchaloha idols, Bronze Statues, Tiruvachi,  gold plated kavasam, kalasams, pooja items, pooja mandir, Trisuls, puja samagri, weapons of Gods, Goddess costume, Thiruvachi, valampuri sangu, Kamatchi vilakku, Ruthratcham, temple kodimaram, ornamental Oil Lamp, Kuthu Vilakku, poojha ghanti, kumbabisheka kalasam, soolam, Kuthu Vilakku, Hawan Samagri,  Homa Thiraviyam, temple aarthi items, Abishegam Set, pooja yantras and all hindu puja items, Our physical store is located in Kancheepuram, Tamilnadu and our manufacturing facility is present in around Chennai in South India.

All the idols we create, be it Panchaloha Vigrahams, stone idols, or marble statues of Gods and Godesses, are in strict conformance with the various scared Hindu texts like Agama and Silpa Shastras. Apart from idols, we also manufacture temple bells, automatic temple drum machines, all kind of temple accessories and divine mounts (Vahanas) of Hindu Gods, amongst others.

The present e-commerce website is a showcase for our entire puja accessories product range and offers an avenue to purchase divine products of the highest quality online, now you can buy all Homam products, Puja  item & articles  at We take pride in our exceptional workmanship and pay keen attention to detail in every aspect of our operations, be it manufacture or logistics. Each of our products is an iconic work of art that truly demonstrates the wisdom, religiosity, tradition and culture of practices that have been handed down by skilled craftsmen generation after generation.

Welcome to a world where service to the Divine takes the highest forms of perfection. Welcome to the online temple Accessories shopping world of Raja Spiritual Supermarket.