Ashtapatham - Abayam



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Hand Width - 2".

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3.5 Inches

In Sanskrit Hasta means Hands & Patham means Legs. The Hasta Patham's are used to decorate the deity with and without Vigraham during Festive seasons, the temples where they could not offered a Urchava Vigraham, can make the Deity’s with the help of Hasta Patham’s and celebrate the festival graciously.

There is no change in the Paadham normally. Only the Hasta keeps changing for the requirements of the Deity like Shiva, Amman, Murugan, Ganesh, Vishnu, etc.

Though Hastha Pathams are made of Brass and Panchaloga, majority of them use the brass Hastha Patham. It is available in four sizes.

No. 2 – 2” width

No. 3 – 2.5” Width

No. 4 – 3” Width

No. 5 – 4” width.

About 60% of the people take No. 2 and 30% take No.3 and 10% the No.4 & 5. As per our need the Hasta Patham can be coated with Gold & Silver. This is also available with Raja Spiritual Super market (P) Ltd., at a click of a button at




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Ashtapatham - Abayam

Ashtapatham - Abayam

Hand Width - 2".

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