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Kandha Sasti – Sura Samharam- Kumarakottam – kanchipuram

DSC08364Kumarakottam is mentioned in Kanchi Puranam.  The origin of Kanda Puranam is this place and it was stagged in the stone mandapam of this temple, which is now converted as Kachiyappar Library.

Lord Muruga – also called Aarumugam(Six Faces), Kumaran, Kandan, etc.  – Once asked Brahma to explain the meaning of Pranava Mandiram – as it is the origin point for Creations / Generation.
Though he knows the meaning, he could not explain it in a way to Lord Murugan as he understands.  Hence, Lord Muruga took the rights of Creation (The Duty of Lord Brhama ) and impriosioned Lord Brahma.  In Kumarakottam, Kanchipuram – Lord Muruga stands as the lord of creation with Jabamalai and Kamandalam in his hands.

Kanda sashti vratham is a method of worshipping Lord Muruga, by adhering fasting from the next day to Diwali – Amavasya to the sixth day (from Prathamai to Sashti).  This year it is celebrated between 12th Nov. 2015 to 17th Nov. 2015.




The Purana Story about the Kandha Sashti:

Thakkan & Kaashiban are two sons of Lord Brahma.  Though, Thakkan worshipped Lord Shiva and got a lot of boons from Lord Shiva, he was killed by Veera Bhadran – Created by Lord Shiva.  Kashibhan with Maya (Created by Chukrachariyar) gave birth to male babies Soorapadman – with human face, Singasuran with Lion face, Tharakasuran with Elephant’s face and female baby Asamuki with Goat’s face.  Among them, Soorapadman became very powerful and was ruling Veeramahendrapuri with his wife Padmakomalai and his children, Bhanugopan, Agnimugasuran, Iraniyan, Vachiravaagu

Having so much power, Soorapadman felt too proud and hence, he started putting the Devas into the prision.  Indradhi Devas went to Lord Shiva for rescue.  Lord Shiva opened his forehead eyes (Netrikkan).  From his six faces – Eesanam, Thathpurusham, Agoram, Vamadevam, Sathyojatham and Athomugam – six sparkles of fire came out and Vayu took them and placed them on six lotuses in Saravana Poigai.  They became six babies and were brought up by Karthigai women.  Devi Parvathi, Hugged all the six babies together, it became one with Six faces and twelve hands – named as Lord Murugan (Note: It was single focus point for six individuals and hence attacked by the combined effect and defeated the problem – Soorapadman as explained scientifically)


Lord Shiva told the Devas to seek the help of Lord Muruga.  He agreed and got a Vel from his mother and had a great war with Soorapadman.  On the fourth day – he killed Agnimugasuran and Dharmagopan.  On day 5, He killed Bhanugopan and on day 6 Singamugaasuran.  From Day 7 to 10 – there was a furious war between Lord Kumaran and Soorapadman and at last, he killed Soorapadman.  As per the request of Soorapadman, he devided them into two parts and made them as Cock and Peacock and conquered him.


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